Cold with a chance of gumbo

gumbo signIt’s cold and rainy today. If you talk to any good Cajun woman today, she would tell you it’s gumbo weather.  I don’t have time for the roux today. That’s quite a lot of pot-stirring. Besides,  I have left-overs from a small jambalaya that I threw together last night

I started with the trinity of Cajun cooking –  bell pepper, onion and celery. Then, I added sausage, shrimp, rice and lots of spice. Voila!  With a side of steamed broccoli, I had a great meal.

I need your input. The new site is not generating much traffic, since blogs in general are declining in popularity, and this new site is unknown to most of my past readers. This gumbo blog will not stay on one topic too long. The themes will vary as much as a gumbo can vary depending on what’s in the cook’s larder that day.

Here are a few ideas for further writing:

  • Stories of life in the margins, like Marta’s story published this week.
  • Retelling family stories. For example, my great-grandfather once sat in the forest contemplating blowing his brains out. The crazy thing is, my other great-grandfather happened to be hunting for that day’s meal and started a life-long friendship between the two.
  • Life’s everyday stuff – such as how we women, more than men I think, struggle with self-image.

Our ladies of judgmentThe last item has sparked some comments, especially from male readers when I mentioned in an earlier post about my self-doubt about my looks. Men don’t get it. We women have little voices in our heads. They look like these dolls I bought yesterday at a thrift shop.  They seem like nagging Jewish, Italian, Cajun, or whatever nationality-you-choose moms, who forever seem to be saying, “Do you want to stay fat like me? Stop eating so much gumbo and jambalaya. Eat some salad!”

These ladies are actually Mexican according to the label stamped on the base. I suppose they scold about eating tortillas. They tell their daughters to eat  more pineapple and mango salsa instead.

Anyway, I hope someone is out there, reading this stuff. Lyrics from an old Maroon 5 song comes to mind, “Is anyone out there, out there/it’s getting harder and harder to breathe.

9 thoughts on “Cold with a chance of gumbo

  1. Having reached a bit short of 60 years, one of my favorite observations is: my pretty days are over. And they are, the only time anyone looks twice at me these days is when they think I’m someone else. That happens a lot…

    I like any story of the human condition. I like your stories about your faith. I study Latin America so anything in that ballpark is going to get read.

    It is blue sky and cold here on Ohio’s north coast, outdoor chores abound.


  2. Sorry for not commenting on previous posts! I’ve bee a reader of your blog while you were SOB, and since your return NOB.. I enjoy your way with words, often painting a picture vivid in my minds eye, of what you see and experience. I enjoy your posts, and look forward to perhaps commenting a bit more often. Keep up the great writing!


    1. There’s no need to be sorry that you have not been commenting. The great majority don’t take the time to leave a comment. However, I am glad that you did as writing can be a solitary experience. The blog aspect keeps things more interesting. Thanks.


  3. Yes. Yes. Yes. Like Dan I’ve been with you for a long while, and loved you from the start. Until today I’ve not commented either, forgetting that it would be a welcome thing for the writer. Pray forgive. I will attempt to more often. Please know you’re loved and appreciated and it makes me smile when I see a new post up. Love the one on Grace today! Thank you for sharing, and for the inspiration you provide. I love hearing about your life and your take on things. Saludos.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I normally don’t beg for feedback, but the new site is having such low numbers that I thought I might need to reach out and see if there was sufficient interest to continue. These posts can take a bit of work, sometimes.


  4. hi laurie,

    you hit the proverbial “nail on the head” when it comes to our appearance. although i’ve dealt with a few health issues since moving to nagoya 3 1/2 years ago, overall i am healthy, energetic and young at heart. i turned 60 in october, which is still pretty young i think, but whe i look in the mirror, i’m not happy with what i see. then i tell myself that if i dyed my hair and wore as much make-up as some other women do, i’d still look pretty good, but that’s just not me. so, i’ll continue to deal with the gray hair, what is left of it, the wrinkles and the extra lbs. that i am forever trying to lose. that last part i will continue to pursue, for health benefits as well as appearance-sure would be nice to wear some of the many clothes in my closet. it will be like having a whole new wardrobe when i lose these extra 15 lbs.

    i haven’t done much blog reading since we moved here, but i do enjoy your stories and your style of writing.

    off to say my prayers then study japanese.

    take care and God bless.

    teresa in nagoya


    1. I am sorry to hear of your ongoing health issues although you say you are still overall healthy and energetic. Check in when you can. I like hearing from you.


  5. Patience, Young Grasshopper! 🙂 Mrs. 4444 got the word out on her Friday Fragments yesterday, so hopefully you’ll get more traffic. Think back to when you first started blogging…it took a while to get followers. I’m not sure if you can find out who is following through email; my speech blog only has 2 followers (1 of them being me!), but I’m not sure how many people are following through email & Facebook. So, hang in there! 🙂


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