English Tea Room, Covington, Louisiana (Sundays In My City)

When the days are cold and dreary, there’s nothing like a cup of tea. In downtown Covington, there’s a lovely spot for tea, where all things tea are served with a flair. Of course, I must admit that I enjoy it more because my sister is the owner.

All things tea
tea for two
Tea For Two


The Queen’s Parlor



The Churchill Room



IMG_2423 (5)
Even my doggie likes the tea room

english tea room


Sundays In My City are sponsored by Unknown Mami.SIMC

8 thoughts on “English Tea Room, Covington, Louisiana (Sundays In My City)

  1. I like the Churchhill room. There was a time that I drank Earl Grey on a regular basis. Mostly coffee now. Hey nothing wrong with doing some promotion of family and friends.


    1. The Churchill room is a must. My brother-in-law is there daily, too. As are a handful of his friends. A touch of masculinity helps break up the overly feminine effect that could overshadow.


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