Ricardo’s Story

Ricardo was a daily part of myricardo life when I lived in Honduras. I don’t remember when I first met him, but it has been at least a year or more that he grabbed hold of my heart and my hand.

Ricardo does everything with the utmost enthusiasm. If he were a bit larger, he would knock me down when he runs to greet me. And he always greeted me with two hands out, hugging, holding and giggling. Since Ricardo has hearing and visual impairments, he tends to shout, too.

We helped cure him of the shouting, so at least my salutations from Ricardo might be a bit rough, but at least I could escape without my ears ringing. His mom is raising him alone, supporting herself and Ricardo by selling tortillas on the street. They live in a tumbledown wooden shack with a host of other relatives.

I am not in charge of the project that helps Ricardo and the other kids ricardo homewho receive meals and educational support in my former ministry in Honduras. However, I am in touch with the ministry that is overseeing the children. They are looking for someone to sponsor Ricardo. Want to help?  Need details.

Follow the link to His Eyes for information on tax-deductible giving.milk+and+Jesus




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