Red Car (Sundays In My City)

When I moved to the US in late summer, I bought a new-to-me red car, a 2013 Hyundai Veloster. The red car and I are having lots of fun, whether in the city or country. Sometimes, we take BuBu, my German shepherd. The red car has three doors, a hatchback, good fuel economy and a sporty feel.

red car by the lake
Red Car at Lake Pontchartrain in Mandeville, Louisiana
Red Car Goes Camping
red car at dusk
Red Car at Home
Red Car and BuBu
red car at Christmas
Red Car at Christmas


From Besthoff Sculpture Gardens, City Park, New Orleans
I love Red Car. Sculpture from  Besthoff Sculpture Gardens in City Park, New Orleans

Sundays In My City are linked to Unknown Mami, who sponsored our weekly meme. SIMC

19 thoughts on “Red Car (Sundays In My City)

  1. I go a hipster church. We drink at the bar next door, we wear shorts in service, the men wear hats, the women have tattoos, and some of us drive cool cars. A fourth door would encourage guests to hitch a ride. We disapprove of hauling large numbers of people around like my truck and I did in Honduras.


  2. Bubu is the luckiest dog in Honduras, or at least formerly in Honduras. And I love the pictures of him in the car, which looks like a lot of fun.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where a sled might be more appropriate right about now.


    1. The fur beast is quite photogenic. I don’t know what to say about snowmargeddon. It if makes you feel better we are studying Revelation at my church. I do know the plagues end. See song that I have linked to Felipe’s comment about my church. Good song, It will be alright.


    1. I drove a red Ford Ranger many years ago when I lived in Mexico. That was my only red vehicle before this one. I recommend the Veloster as it does get fantastic mpg on the highway, about 40 or more. I have the automatic but it has a sports mode that makes things fun.


  3. Nice looking car. I read your replies. I can’t remember owning a bright red car. I had brownish/reddish (deep red? – not bright) once. Green, silver are good. The color is not important anyway.


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