My Exterior Life

“Where are you living?” is a question that I hear often from family and friends.  I moved to the US in mid-2014. The good Lord knows I am a wanderer at times, but I am in Louisiana again, folks. This is my street. The house number is not mine as it was not in existence when Google took this image.  I am on a wooded lane in Louisiana, about an hour’s drive from downtown New Orleans.

I live in a small village that is having growing pains as the wetlands to the south disappear and New Orleans continues to shrink due to decay, crime and the like. The area is filled with new settlers fleeing the south. Recently the good folk of Abita Springs, my small town, revived a local myth about the town. Abita was supposedly an Indian maiden whose name mean life. She used spring water from a cypress stump to heal the sick.


Whether or not the tale was fact or fiction, we kept the water and made beer. Abita Beer is a fashionable hand-crafted beer that is produced here. It’s frightfully expensive, and I don’t care for the taste. Otherwise, I might have produced a photograph for you, but nay, I don’t like.

Okay, now you have it – the street view as well as the most prominent public figure of the town. Soon, details on the rest of my exterior life – such as details on gainful employment and such. One cannot remain a former missionary forever, after all.

6 thoughts on “My Exterior Life

  1. Enjoying the posts on the local area, and your latest life! Sorry to hear the pup is having issues with the pollen, but it’s a fact of southern life! My red truck is actually orange every morning before I take a spin in it! Keep up the great writing!


  2. A red/orange truck sounds like a spring-time nightmare. My red car turns a bit yellow sometimes in the pollen in the air. I think the dog has taken a turn for the better over the past few days. Thanks for dropping by.


  3. I’ve heard of Abita Springs beer! I don’t recall where, but it’s supposed to be wonderful. I’m sorry Iggy is having allergies. That’s got to be a weird thing for a dog.

    Looks like you landed in a nice, albeit remote, spot.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where there’s still snow in the yard, but it’s diminishing rapidly at this point.


    1. It’s not nearly as remote as it appears. As far as snow, I can’t imagine still coping with snow after Easter. Of course, we went from winter to summer with almost no spring. It’s incredibly warm and humid.

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