Who Would Dare To Love ISIS?

I viewed this yesterday morning in church. I didn’t want to go to church at all. It was raining, and I wanted to stay home and read in my comfy recliner. Someone once said church is the only time that we hear someone else’s opinion for thirty minutes. That’s true, especially in this age of cable, internet, and God knows what else is streaming media. You can pick and choose your message. However, if you are polite and already seated in a chair at a church meeting, it’s hard to get up in the middle of the sermon and leave. It’s harder when the building is small, the congregation is sparse, and the pastor knows you by name.

So I listened. I want to be a person of the Cross. I want to love my enemies. You see, Christianity is not about doing unto others what they do unto you – it’s beyond that. It’s about loving the unloveable. It’s about being people of the Cross.

14 thoughts on “Who Would Dare To Love ISIS?

    1. I think the video tried to show that People of the Cross are true Christians. Not everyone who says they are Christians are doing what Jesus said. Violence is never the answer. Jesus preached love your enemy. He said to turn the other cheek. I think it’s especially tragic that in World War 1 and 2 that both sides called themselves Christians, and they prayed to the same God to kill the other Christians. How sad! We must not follow that type of thinking if we are true Christians like in this video describes, People of the Cross. May God bring peace to you!

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      1. Agreed. All abrahimic religions in their original text preached same thing. However it is so unfortunate that two of them, Christianity n Judaism, were modified by human beings. Word of man mixed with word of God. N today you see many veraiona of bible. On the contrary, quran is presereved in its original text for last 1400+ years. Even today, you would find same book around the globe, at homes billions of Mulsims, completely memorized by millions of people. I would suggest you to read it at least once. It has a complete chapter on Mary and mentioning of prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) at numerous places. This will show you the true, unchanged word of God.


      1. A Muslim Traveller never said that the US started Word Wars I and II. Be fair. People whose state religion was “Christian” were the instigators. That’s not an opinion, but a fact.


  1. Thank you for posting this, Laurie. I had just been listening to one of my favorite choruses (“Once Again”) when I clicked over to your site. And, once again, I am saying “Thank you, for the cross.”

    Whenever I raise this issue with fellow believers who advocate violence in the Middle East, they inevitably say: “It is a complex issue.” I think that is wrong. Jesus gave us the moral principles. If there is a hard part, it is having faith to believe that Jesus actually meant us to live with the principles he taught.

    It is a struggle I face every day.


    1. My current pastor as well as my former pastor in New Orleans have been provocative in their comments about mixing nationalism with Christianity as well as the issue of advocating violence. Some church-goers are finding other churches as they are offended with the message of the Cross, which is simply about loving your enemies. Onward, Christian Soldiers, comes to my mind, when I think of misguided sentiments.


  2. Thanks for a very inspirational video and post. It has given me a lot to think about. It’s hard to love ISIS until they repent their sins, I think. And those sins are very very very grave indeed.

    It’s very hard to understand how something that is called a religion could inspire people to behave as ISIS behaves. And very sad.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are exhausted by the seemingly unending cycle of violence.


    1. When the video had finished playing at church, it was very quiet. People were thinking. It’s not easy as you point out to love ISIS. The great leader of the New Testament church, Paul, was a man of violence in the name of religion before he was confronted with Christ. In the name of the Hebrew religion, he persecuted the early church, calling for their deaths. He turned or as we say repented. I wonder if the early church found it hard to love Paul who had hunted and killed their own friends and family members? The good news is that we don’t have to love in our own power. It’s the enabling power of the Holy Spirit that helps us in our weakness to love our enemies.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing this; Mighty indeed! Looking forward to seeing how God works through both you and Mighty in furthering His kingdom!


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