Send in the Tanks?

10981857_10155533360680232_788000360161726819_nThe road was blocked by barricades. The troops tightly stood at attention the Avenida de Paz (Peace Avenue) in Tegucigalpa. I stopped abruptly. I had not seen the blockade until I was close to the soldiers, who stood in full combat gear brandishing semi-automatic weapons.

Another day, another protest, some might say in a poor, violent nation. Today, the show of force was in response to credible threats of violence against the US Embassy in the capital of Honduras.  A suitable show of force to threats against US interests was needed to allay concerns of big brother to the North.

Nation rises against nation. Insurrections, wars, and now a return to barbarism in the Middle East dominates the international news. What’s our response?

NT Wright, probably the foremost theologian of our times, espouses a theory of the Kingdom of God which on the surface often seems orthodox and unimpressive.

Read his writings a bit closer. His Anglican voice argues that the Jesus of the Gospels, as is recorded, had radical views, indeed, so radical, that the society in which he lived condemned him to death.Jesus suffered a violent and unjust death.

He did not resist but willingly gave up his life. He rose from the dead. Our whole Christian heritage rests on this truth.

As his disciples, do we dare to follow the narrow way set forth by Jesus? Or do we just take up a call for more violence?  I suppose it depends on which kingdom I want to see spread across the world: one of violence and retribution wrought by the powerful, or the upside kingdom of peace and reconciliation carried by the meek.

6 thoughts on “Send in the Tanks?

    1. I remember the old Cat Stevens song, Peace Train. Now that generation is older and crankier. They are crawling all over social media with Fox media posts about killing, bombing and destroying nations. It didn’t change things in the Vietnam Era. It won’t change this generation’s conflict either.


  1. It is a universal truth that has become increasingly obvious: violence begets violence. Our foreign policy seems to have forgotten this important truth. And the world is paying the price.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we marvel at what a disaster the world is these days. Truly sad.


    1. The state of the world makes me think of predictions about the end of this present world, that it won’t come about until evil has its fill. I think we are due for a change of regime, don’t you think? The son of righteousness, prince of peace, etc. needs to return and get on with it.


      1. I’m not a believer in “end of times” as such, but we certainly seem to be in an apocryphal state of chaos here on this earth these days.


  2. Kim, my ideas on the end of times has evolved quite a bit. The book of Revelation is mostly allegorical, but still, I long for the new heavens and new earth that is written about. How and what it will be I have no clue.


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