Red Eyes and Brassieres

blog laurieI haven’t written much lately as I contracted poison ivy on my face. I couldn’t see clearly for almost a week. I knew there were poison ivy in the back corners of the yard,  but lacking a gardener or goat, I knew it was up to me to tackle the weeds.

Amazon has a program, so I have heard, that allows one to rent a goat to clear weeds out. It’s not available yet in Louisiana. Supposedly they can eat poison ivy, whereas cows and such get sick from the weed.

The allergens first attached to my eyes while I lay sleeping Tuesday evening. It wasn’t a pretty sight that I saw, albeit not clearly, in the mirror in the morning. It appeared I had been possessed of a crying fit of mythical proportions.

The noxious weed spread its nefarious reach to my bosom, skipping the chin and neck. I  spent days cursing the invention of the brassiere, as my apparel cuts right across the rash’s path. In public, I try to maintain a bit of composure, but when I can steal a private moment, the sling is slung away, and relief comes, albeit briefly.

If one contracts a rash due to poison ivy, I recommend Zanfel. This wonder drug makes a paste when moistened. Apply, then wash off. The relief is almost instant.

I  debated seeing a doctor about this malady, as Zanfel can’t be used on the eyes, but after a day or two of blurred vision, my eyesight was restored. I also was concerned about a new doctor’s bill, as I am not 100% positive that I don’t owe $835 from my last eye exam.

As I conclude my little essay, I feel no itch, no discomfort. I can see. All is well in Laurielandia, as least as well as I can be. This rainy month may go down as #1 or surely #2 in the books. My new sunglasses purchased over a month ago have not been needed to block the sun yet, but I have used them to travel incognito around town to hide my weepy, red eyes.

10 thoughts on “Red Eyes and Brassieres

  1. I hope you’re feeling better soon. I’ve heard that poison ivory is also airborn, that you don’t even need to touch it to be affected.


    1. From what I have experienced, I have to touch it or be exposed to the burning leaves. My neighbors sometimes burn the underbrush in their yard so I have to be careful to avoid being outside on those days.


  2. I am blessed to be immune to poison ivy. Got no idea why, but it is so.

    Nice photo.

    As for the bra, chuck it. Those hippie girls in the 1960s were on to something. You would look quite free-wheeling, liberated!


    1. I read that about 10% of the population are immune. I am very sensitive, even to the point of once nearly choking to death because in the night the poison closed my throat. I liked the photo, too. As far as the bra, one reaches a certain age where gravity is not a woman’s friend. To walk in public with these girls unfettered would be a terror for others to behold.


  3. Oh Laurie, that is terrible. Hope it’s over now! It would be so nice to walk unfettered, but I agree. There’s a woman in my neighborhood who takes her daily walks with the girls unleashed and it’s just not pretty.


    1. It’s not over. It got far worse. I woke today with eyes nearly shut as well as having a bit of a hard time breathing. I went to the dr and got a shot and a bag of meds. The days of walking these dogs unleashed are over! Good way of phrasing that, Becky!


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