Red Car (Sundays in My City)

I have been enjoying life in the United States since returning in 2014. Perhaps the pace of life has caused me to forego writing and posting pictures as was my regular habit while living in Honduras.  Of course, maybe I just enjoy exploring in my red car in Louisiana since giving up my work and pick-up in Honduras.

Whatever the cause, I proffer a few glimpses of life around and about my small town. Some of these are photographs from Covington, Louisiana. My apologies. Abita Springs is a Very Small Town.

Red Car Goes Shopping
Red Car Goes Antiquing
Red Car Goes Antiquing
Red Car Goes to Park
Red Car Buys Local
Red Car Goes To Market
Red Car Goes To Art Gallery
Red Car Goes To Church

My apologies to the famed local artist, George Rodrigue and his muse Blue Dog, who inspired this insipid post. Rest in peace, Mr. Rodrigue. Your work deserves better, but I don’t have a blue dog, just a small red car.

SIMCThis post is linked to Sundays in My City, which is sponsored by the inimitable Unknown Mami.

10 thoughts on “Red Car (Sundays in My City)

    1. Oh, but it gets worse. I bought Gulf shrimp yesterday at the Farmer’s Market. Along with some local dairy cream and good goat cheese from Folsom, the shrimp were quite a treat. Brubek wasn’t on the airwaves, but the Rebirth Brass Band was a good stand-in.

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  1. Oh thank you for this. I’ve missed you! How nice to find you here again this morning. You’ve managed to make me want to travel, antique, and eat all in one post. What a picturesque town. Nice to get a glimpse of it. : )


  2. You’re back!!! How nice to see a post! I love your little red car, and the photos are fun too. Except for the pier block foundation, that church would be right at home in new England.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where if we ever buy a new car, it will be red.


  3. Kim, it’s good to be back. If I have time this morning before a mid-morning appointment, I want to rough in a new post. The church is actually from Nova Scotia, brought down by a congregation here in Louisiana, in pieces, and put back up in 2014. This style would have been popular here when the Acadians first migrated to Louisiana, but most have been lost to age, termites, weather, etc. Good eye to spot it, Kim! I bought the car via CarMax, and the red one was the only one available. I wish I had waited for the grey model, which is sporty but not as loudly dramatic as this little cheap car.

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