happy tday

I want to offer my gratitude for all of you who have offered prayers, thoughts, and comments as I journaled my thoughts and stories through the years. The children pictured above are some of the children that I worked with while living in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Even though Thanksgiving is not celebrated as a holiday in Honduras, giving thanks is universal, or at least it should be. These kids often expressed in prayer or thoughts about their gratitude for many things: parents, food we provided, football (soccer), even our lessons and books were dearly appreciated as the poor of this world don’t enjoy much variety or choices in schooling or resources.

If you have a house, food, clean water, and clothes, be thankful. While many of us may  have challenges with our health, finances, employment, etc., if you have access to the internet to read this, you have a wealth of resources compared to the poor of this world. Wherever you may be today or whatever is your state, I pray you will be blessed today with the knowledge that you are loved. I hope you have a table with abundant food, family and friends to share today.

7 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, albeit a bit late. Thanksgiving itself turned into a bit of a blur around here. But I hope you’re well. And you’re certainly right about how lucky we all are in the first world.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are blessed to be so blessed.


  2. Your post is an important reminder that our tough times are not as tough as faced by many daily. I think most of our problems fit that category “first world problem”.
    Hey I know I don’t drop off comments here as much as I did on your Honduras blog but I also don’t spend as much time blogging as I did before. That said, I’m now going to suggest another blog for you to check out. My niece recently started a blog and I told her I would pass the link along to few readers that come by my blog. It’s a religious type blog about a church group she joined.


    1. Hi Lisleman, I was thinking of you just a few days ago. I need to drop by your blog as well as that of your niece. Our lives are still relatively quiet and secure but times, they are a’changing, as Dylan once said. Last weekend, in our area, a man shot a waitress at Waffle House because she reminded him of the no-smoking policy. The next day, a man killed his father and nearly fatally wounded his mom because they went pick up hamburgers and didn’t get one for him. He was 38 years old, and afterwards, he calmly went back home to another state. I don’t know. It’s not getting better here in the good ole’ US, is it?


      1. I’m not anti gun. I think I’m sensible gun? I don’t own one but enjoy occasionally shooting the ones my brother owns. I’m definitely for keeping dumb-ass people from owning guns. Maybe they should only be allowed to have blanks. They probably just enjoy the noise the guns make anyway. Terrible news but I’m glad I didn’t hear about it. I wonder if these idiots get too much attention. Also, I suspect many gun owners would be much better off saving the money they spent on guns and ammo for other things such as retirement. Seriously, the very sad thing about shootings is lives of the families involved. Thank God I don’t have any shooting tragedies in my family. It would be worse than other types of accidents.

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