Madisonville, Louisiana (Sundays In My City)

Madisonville, Louisiana, is a charming waterfront community on the shores of the Tchefuncte River near Lake Ponchartrain. It’s a stone’s throw from the Causeway Bridge connecting it by vehicle to New Orleans, less than an hour away. For most of its existence, Madisonville was a  little village on the water’s edge centered on fishing and boat-making. The center of town, along the main highway, Route 22, still retains its charm, although many other areas of the town are now inhabitated by weekenders and commuters with large sprawling homes and pleasure boats in the marina.

Let’s forget about the yachts and McMansions, shall we? Here’s a look at the old part of Madisonville that brings weekenders out for strolling along the banks, the numerous festivals, and the fresh local seafood.  Part of the charm is waiting on the bridge that divides the main highway, Route 22, near the town, causing vehicle long waits in the process.

Route La 22, Little Joe's Food Store
Route La 22, Little Joe’s Food Store
Old Creole House, Madisonville, Louisiana
Old Creole House on piers, Madisonville, Louisiana
pleasure boat
Cruising along the Tchefuncte River
Hot Boiled Seafood is the main attraction

The post is linked to Sundays in My City, hosted by the inimitable Unknown Mami.

8 thoughts on “Madisonville, Louisiana (Sundays In My City)

      1. Is there also room in your house for my wife, her sister, our nephew, one schnauzer named Guts and, more recently, a chihuahua named Jan? If so, we’ll hit the road mañana.


  1. Well, that’s a motley crew, indeed. Why not? I am sure we can find a place for all with some of my relatives, or perhaps, a nice Mexican family that lives close by. He installs windows, and his wife make awesome tamales. The Spanish only part of the family may like to be with them for Navidad, verdad?


  2. beautiful pictures laurie. i love the old, quaint sections in small towns.

    as per your previous post, yes, i am very grateful for all that i have. i’ve been doing lots of entertaining since this will be our last christmas here. tomorrow i’m having 13 students over, today it was 6 and yesterday 13 ladies from my latin ladies’ group-a very fun and lively group.

    on thursday we will fly to kauai where our kids will join us for the first family christmas in 5 years.

    many blessings to you, merry christmas and may you have a new year filled with happiness and good health.

    thank you for all the wonderful work you did for those kids in tegu.

    teresa in nagoya


    1. It sounds like you are continuing to live an interesting and challenging life. I am glad you can spent time with your family. As far the kids in Tegu, I still keep an indirect work going. My church in Louisiana is completing a shoe drive this week to help kids without shoes for school receive a pair. Have a great and blessed Christmastime.


    1. Yeah, it’s a cool little town. Unfortunately with changing weather systems and coastal erosion, it tends to flood more often and more seriously each season. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the iconic lighthouse near the town. That’s on the bucket list.


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