Happy Festivus

Kvetching, complaining, the airing of grievances makes Festivus the great American holiday that precedes Christmas. It first came to life in the comedy series, Seinfeld, in December, 1997. One of the characters, George Costanza revealed that his family had their own holiday, Festivus, generally celebrated on December 23.

Festivus also features feats of strength and the display of the bare aluminum pole, but I am choosing to focus on the airing of grievances on this blessed day before Christmas. Tomorrow, who knows? I might focus on blessings.

Here are a few of my grievances!

  • The weather is crazy this winter in much of the US. The weather seems angry, hot and ill-tempered. Why it’s the same temperature today in New York City as it was on July 4 of this year. WEIRD.
  • I can’t find decent tamales in my neck of the woods.  Having moved back to Louisiana, in the piney woods,  there is a serious lack of diversity. Not too many Latinas are across the lake from  New Orleans. WEIRD.
  • It’s quiet. It’s Christmas Eve. Therefore, the air is supposed to be filled with the sound of cheap fireworks. Oh yeah, see above. Louisiana, not Honduras. WEIRD.
  • Letters are delivered daily to my home.  EVERY DAY! In Honduras, I got mail delivered three times in ten years. WEIRD!
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream is on the shelves again after disappearing for almost a year. In this part of the US, we love Blue Bell which disappeared for months due to poisoning people with listeria in early 2015. Who cares? We want our ice cream! WEIRD!
  • Ben & 14 ben and jerrys festivusJerry’s is not planning to reprise Festivus Ice Cream. That’s just wrong. It Blue Bell had not returned, I would be even more aggrieved at the loss of Festivus Ice Cream. WEIRD!

I know this is an odd post. However, Festivus is an odd celebration. If you don’t believe me, check out the website, A Festivus for the Rest of Us. 

Feel free to fill the comment sections with your grievances, or, if you MUST, send greetings, blessings and the like. Happy Festivus!

11 thoughts on “Happy Festivus

  1. Crazy weather here in northeast Ohio as well. Blue sky all day, about 65 at midday. I was looking at my lawn today wondering if I was going to need to wake up my mower. We grow a fescue grass here that loves cool weather.

    Merry Christmas and I expect a great 2016, so a Happy New Year as well


  2. My kvetch is having the A/C on on Christmas eve! HOT (79F) and humid (82%) here in NC! A Very Merry Christmas, y Prospero Nuevo Anno to you and yours! All the Best!

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  3. Your comment about the mail made me chuckle. I seem to get an absurd amount of mail, virtually all of it unwanted. And I don’t get much junk mail having unsubscribed myself from the main junk-mail company out there.

    And yes, the weather is positively weird in Boston. It’s still not below freezing at night, which is highly weird. There was a story on Bloomberg earlier in the week about how there are a lot of migratory birds still in the Northeast, who should have flown south by now. Apparently they are now quite vulnerable to sudden frost.

    Anyway, have a merry Christmas!


    Kim G
    El Granada, CA
    Where it has been (thankfully) rainy.


    1. I am glad you are enjoying the rain. Our rain has been truly tropical and torrential. I would not be surprised if an unfortunate soul were to be bit by a gator who refuses to hibernate in this watery and hot weather. I don’t even like to think of the snakes driven out into yards by these unseasonable temps and huge amounts of rainfall.


  4. You are a deranged woman. As for the lack of diversity in south Louisiana, I guarantee you there is more diversity in south Louisiana than there is in Honduras, and I’ve never set foot in Honduras or have any desire to.

    As for mail delivery, there are no PO boxes in Honduras? Perhaps you would have received more mail. I have a PO box and always get my mail. Of course, Mexico is a far superior nation to Honduras.

    The weather here is as it should be. At this moment, a bit after 8 a.m., it is about 50 degrees and foggy. The fog will burn off, and it will be a lovely day. All our days are lovely in one way or the other.

    Blue Bell ice cream is available in a mall in Morelia, not far from here. How about that? I also see Ben & Jerry’s.

    I have no grievances. I send blessings.


    1. Post office boxes are often inherited or given to friends, as there’s a scarcity. We have ONE post office for the entire metro area of Tegucigalpa and its sister, Comayaguela across the river, which most estimate as well over a million people. Just getting to that post office is a nightmare. Even a box doesn’t prevent the workers from keeping boxes and gifts send to individuals. Especially in the provincial postal offices, the thievery is done right out in the open. Workers open packages, keep what they like, and close it up for any stupid gringo who stands waiting for stuff shipped through the laughable and nearly dead postal system. Almost all mail, public or private, is done by private companies. I NEVER ship via their system. I use DIP shipping in Kenner, Louisiana which is cheaper, friendly and more reliable. I truly have no grievances, either, but I had fun writing this post. Oh yeah! Abita Beer is releasing a new Root Beer with 5% proof. Can’t wait.


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