tiny red lightsWe’ve had weeks of rain. Some days, torrential, and others light but steady. Grey and darkening skies have become a constant this December in Louisiana. While on a nature walk, I had time for one or two pictures before a downpour chased me away. This one tree with lights drew my attention.

On my way home after the walk, I noted some homes in my neighborhood passed the season with lights and decorations surrounding their homes. I enjoyed seeing each neighbor’s display as they interpreted the season. A few homes on the street are very dark, without decorations, lights, or even a lamp inside on in the evening. I am curious about those sitting in darkness in such times of dark weather as well as news daily of violence, terrorism and such.

My prayer for those in physical or spiritual darkness this season has often centered on this verse that was used to prophesy the coming of Jesus.

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.  Isaiah 9:2

Jesus is the light of my life. Without him, the darkness would not be just on the outside, but inside me as well. I hope and pray we all embrace the Light of the World this season. He is the Light of the World.


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