No periods needed

I recently read texting is viewed favorably if periods are not used. Readers who receive phone texts with periods tend to perceive the messages as unfriendly. Texts without periods are considered sincere. Of course, we haven’t said goodbye to the exclamation point, individually (!) or in multiplied groupings (!!!) to show enthusiasm. And we can’t forget the startling use of multiple periods used to suggest an ellipsis. . .

The rest of this post will contain no periods  I do want to be sincere as possible  Of course there is another reason to cease with the antiquated period  It’s been several months that I am living without periods, ahem, the other type of period, that is . . .

A few weeks ago I was startled by this lack of punctuality  Glee soon followed!!!  I have borne this punctual reminder of hormones for over 40 years

Hormones are nothing to be taken lightly  I was painfully self-conscious to be known as the second-youngest in my fifth grade class to achieve this rank  I demanded my mother allow me to stay home during those dreaded cycles  She was sympathetic for a few months until the school secretary caught on and refused to allow the excused absences…

Those days are gone   Now I am free and I plan on living as such

I can drive a tiny red car whilst escorting a mammoth-sized dog wherever and whenever I choose   I can take long swims in the lake and after sun-bathe on a white towel with complete aplomb  I can go out and about without a purse without you-know-what inside   In fact, I can toss the purse aside and travel lightly again as I did before you-know-what happened

And to the shock of locals and those abroad I can choose to follow whatever political figures I like even left-leaning old guys with frumpy hair  I do live in one of the most conservative districts in a most conservatibernie2ve state   I fear that my Baptist neighbors don’t approve of the decal that is slapped on the Hyundai

Who cares?

Life without periods will be a great adventure

16 thoughts on “No periods needed

  1. The Bern is interesting. I plan on sending him my vote in the primary. I do not agree with everything he says but then I’m contrary by my nature. He is my first choice but I’ll be more than happy voting for my second choice, come the general election.

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    1. I don’t agree with him on everything either. I think he’s the best candidate in the field to push Congress and the nation towards fixing a few major problems that need urgent attention such as health care costs, student loan costs, etc.


  2. You have to be one of the most bizarre women on the face of the Earth, not always a bad thing. Thanks for this announcement of your lack of periods. My latest wife went through this change a few short years ago with relatively little problem. Doing a bit of research, I was surprised to learn that less than 50 percent of women have any physical problem with this change of scenery. So all the hubbub one reads about it comes from a minority of you people.

    Are you serious that texting without periods is deemed favorable? Gadzooks! This is a horror, almost as big a horror as the habit of …………. well, you know ……………doing this, which is all too common. People who……………do this………….should be tarred and feathered.

    Now, about that Bernie sticker. Do you not know you are embarrassing yourself? I am appalled.


    1. So far I am relatively symptom free. I am having some problems with rosacea, which often occurs at this time of life in women. I have to avoid red wine. I inserted the photograph of the Bernie sticker just for you, amigo. I have a gift of annoyance that I find comical at times, but of course, irritating to others.


  3. Well, you go, girl! But please, stick with punctuation. Especially since your blog isn’t a text.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we find mixed usage of texting amongst our increasingly “older” age group.


  4. Everything got ripped out of me at age 45 when they were removing a large ovarian tumor. I remember the huge sense of relief afterwards when I didn’t have to mess with all that. And Bernie? I read a prediction from a guy who has a huge success record with picking the winners and he thinks Bernie will be the next President. I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I would have a problem if someone out of the clown car gets elected. I think it’s a scary field of candidates for the most part!


  5. this post cracked me up!!!! i love your new pix. happy new year to you.

    teresa in nagoya-hoping to visit new ohlins someday. will definitely look you up.


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