Laurie Matherne

Bio: Welcome to Gumbo YaYa. My writings are an eclectic blend. A Louisiana gumbo is a composite dish of roux, rice and whatever else the cook wants to add. Yaya is a Creole term for ladies all talking at the same time. The Gumbo Ya-Ya features my writing on spirituality, travel, culture, and humor. Grab a bowl of gumbo here and dig in!

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6 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m following. I used to read occasionally through links from Steve. I was never big on the Christian aspects but as a liberal Canadian semi Buddhist I get the compassionate aspect from your blog. Keep it up! Maybe it’s the voyeur in me but I enjoy the peek into far flung living/ musings.


  2. Hi Laurie….Chris here….it’s been soooo long, and recently have not been able to get on my own blog….today is the first time in years! So glad to still see you here and I did know that you had moved back to NOLA. My daughter and girls are moving down there at the end of July, so just wanted to stay in touch. We could be down there a lot!! I’m mostly on FB as Chris Hensley Krejsa….friend me if you feel you would like to…..


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