Cold with a chance of gumbo

gumbo signIt’s cold and rainy today. If you talk to any good Cajun woman today, she would tell you it’s gumbo weather.  I don’t have time for the roux today. That’s quite a lot of pot-stirring. Besides,  I have left-overs from a small jambalaya that I threw together last night

I started with the trinity of Cajun cooking –  bell pepper, onion and celery. Then, I added sausage, shrimp, rice and lots of spice. Voila!  With a side of steamed broccoli, I had a great meal.

I need your input. The new site is not generating much traffic, since blogs in general are declining in popularity, and this new site is unknown to most of my past readers. This gumbo blog will not stay on one topic too long. The themes will vary as much as a gumbo can vary depending on what’s in the cook’s larder that day.

Here are a few ideas for further writing:

  • Stories of life in the margins, like Marta’s story published this week.
  • Retelling family stories. For example, my great-grandfather once sat in the forest contemplating blowing his brains out. The crazy thing is, my other great-grandfather happened to be hunting for that day’s meal and started a life-long friendship between the two.
  • Life’s everyday stuff – such as how we women, more than men I think, struggle with self-image.

Our ladies of judgmentThe last item has sparked some comments, especially from male readers when I mentioned in an earlier post about my self-doubt about my looks. Men don’t get it. We women have little voices in our heads. They look like these dolls I bought yesterday at a thrift shop.  They seem like nagging Jewish, Italian, Cajun, or whatever nationality-you-choose moms, who forever seem to be saying, “Do you want to stay fat like me? Stop eating so much gumbo and jambalaya. Eat some salad!”

These ladies are actually Mexican according to the label stamped on the base. I suppose they scold about eating tortillas. They tell their daughters to eat  more pineapple and mango salsa instead.

Anyway, I hope someone is out there, reading this stuff. Lyrics from an old Maroon 5 song comes to mind, “Is anyone out there, out there/it’s getting harder and harder to breathe.

Stirring the Pot

photo (4) (1) For 7 years or so I shared thoughts and images about my life in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, at The Honduras Gumbo. Now, I am back in my native Louisiana, at least for a time. I am switching platforms from Blogger to WordPress. At this new site, the focus will be on culture, justice, and life. Those are broad terms, but I have some ideas for posts.

First, I want to write more about a theme I started on blogger about people in the margins, the ones who are often ignored, cast aside. Also, I  hope to explore themes on the American Way of Life, in comparison to how Jesus lived his life in the Gospels. Thirdly, I want to write short accounts about my ancestors, their stories, and their faith.

I want to be real about my life, too. That’s probably the most tricky. Writing with honesty about my daily life, my struggles, my hidden parts will not be easy. What if you met me in person? Would you notice that I tend to be large, larger, and then zap!, thin? The thin part is getting harder and harder. Or, would you notice that I tend to have gray roots as I have been dying my hair all of my adult life?

I promise myself to let the hair go white, as it’s thick and I think it would be striking and pretty once I get thin.My dream is to be svelte with long, white hair.The truth is I have short, darkly dyed hair, a squatty body, as I  lack the courage to let the hair go au naturale. I also am in love with Cheez-its right now, so I have along way to go to get fit.

Let’s see where the gumbo blog will go this year. I hope the fare suits you as you return for another sample now and then.

Bon Appetit!