Ash Wednesday Blues

I have the Ash Wednesday blues. I need a lenten program, fast. I don’t plan on following a diet like Jesus or Moses, without food nor drink for forty days. I want to live, not die, after all.  I am failing at the blue-box frozen Jenny Craig plan. The food tastes appalling, and it’s expensive.

Fat Tuesday has passed, but, I am still fat. Today, I am wearing an oversized hoodie and stretch fabric jeans. Oatmeal simmers on the stove. What’s for dinner?

I am considering a 40-day period of eating like the typical person from a developing country. Many poor Latinos subsist on diet of corn tortillas, beans and rice. Northern Europeans might get by with cabbage, potatoes, and the occasional beer or bit of cheese. South Africans eat corn mush and dried fish when times are hard. Poor Italians use to eat pizza and wine, albeit not Pizza Hut style.  I have lost weight in the past with a 40-day beans and rice diet. Thank God I have an iron constitution. No Beano needed.

Want to add your Lenten ideas? Leave a comment. Or vote in the poll.

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