Des Allemands, Louisiana (Sundays In My City)

blue godzilla2Blue King Kong* tempts wayward motorists to get a cup, a pint, and even a gallon or two for the road along US 90. My father’s ancestors settled in this small village near New Orleans almost over 200 years ago. Then, they migrated further westward, away from blue concrete creatures hawking sweet, intoxicating slush.

This postSIMC is linked to Unknown Mami, our host for Sundays In My City.

*Corrected. I had written in Godzilla. My apologies to the Japanese.

5 thoughts on “Des Allemands, Louisiana (Sundays In My City)

  1. Methinks you may have lured into sampling that sweet, intoxicating slush. If my eyes do not deceive me, that is Blue King Kong — unless the doctrine of exceptionalism in Louisiana extends to re-naming movie monsters.


    1. I have thought about this move for awhile. What I want is a place in the US, and I want to live/work in another country for another 10 years or so. I am too young to retire, but I like having something here as home base. For the last year or so, I have felt a strong desire to spend time in Zambia. We shall see.


  2. Laurie,

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