Audubon Zoo Exhibit (Sundays In My City)

swamp cabinAs part of the Audubon Zoo exhibit in New Orleans, there sits a Cajun houseboat. It’s docked near the levee on the Mississippi, where the river takes a turn toward uptown. If you’re tired of winter, come on down to New Orleans. The weather is balmy, the living is easy, and yes…I suppose catfish are jumping, too.

Sundays in My City are sponsored by Unknown Mami. SIMC

6 thoughts on “Audubon Zoo Exhibit (Sundays In My City)

  1. The Swamp Exhibit is well done at the Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana. This weekend, we had spring-like weather. Perfect for a zoo day. Today? Colder, with temperatures in the 40s, and windchills in the 30s.


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