Bubu’s Incredible Voyage

When I moved to the US from Honduras in mid-2014, I had to decide where my dog, Bubu, was going to live. It was going to be costly and impractical to get him to the US. I resolved to find a home for my large German shepherd in Honduras.

Then, someone contacted me via a Facebook group for expatriates. She had a friend who was driving to Texas from Honduras. Would I be interested in lending my dog to Kevin?

Kevin had lived in Honduras, working with the indigenous Miskito population. Now, he was back in Texas, but he made frequent trips to Honduras. He was going back alone.

It was a dangerous voyage. On the way south on his latest trip, he had encounters with bandits in Guatemala and Mexico. Kevin thought a German shepherd would make an ideal companion for a solo driver.

So, off went Bubu. Our trips were not at the same time. I was flying at the end of July. Kevin Bubu's first journeyleft Honduras nearly 30 days earlier.

I learned Bubu had been useful to Kevin in Central America. They hadn’t faced bandits, but he had nearly broke a window in Kevin’s truck trying to take out Guatemalan border agents. In the struggle, Bubu had broken through his leash and leather halter.

Guatemalan authorities didn’t check the dog’s papers or Kevin’s, for that matter. The same thing happened in Mexico. My dog reacts strongly to guns and uniforms.

When Kevin reached home, he went inside to greet his family, and the dog jumped out, too. When Kevin came out a few minutes later, Bubu was seated in the truck grinning.  Kevin’s children love him. They want one of his puppies if I decide to breed him.

second journey of BubuBuBu stayed in Denton, Texas for a month. I picked up Bubu in Senatobia, Mississippi. Bubu had escorted Kevin’s wife to visit family. Senatobia is in spitting distance of Memphis, Tennessee. It was another long journey for Bubu from north Mississippi to south Louisiana.

third journey If you should visit, be warned. I own a German shepherd.

The charts on the side of this post show my pet’s journey. According to Google, Bubu spent about 54 hours in transit,16125_4762075707282_3255134093102763171_n not counting time spent in border crossings or rest stops. He loves riding in vehicles. 

7 thoughts on “Bubu’s Incredible Voyage

  1. Great post. Bubu was meant to be with you. Thanks for sharing and thanks for writing your blog. I have been following you for quite a while and enjoy your writings..


    1. Welcome Dorgon to the Gumbo! Glad to know you have been following along. BuBu has been a source of companionship and laughter since coming to the US. He’s had a bit of cultural adjustments to make too. One day I will write more about those transitions.


  2. What a stroke of luck that Kevin needed Bubu at more or less the same time you needed to get him to the USA. God does indeed work in mysterious ways.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we often wonder how our cat would adapt to living in Mexico City.


    1. It was a stroke of something that propelled my dog here. For six months or so, I wondered if he would have been better off back in his home country. He was very docile, compliant and somewhat confused for most of his time here. He lost nearly 20 lbs. Just in the past few weeks, he has become more assertive and protective of me and his turf. He’s also regained his appetite.


    1. I suppose he was happy, but truthfully, he had spent a month with Kevin and his family. They showered him with love, and he loved them. Kevin took him to job sites daily. He is happy now to be with me, and he shadows me all of the time.


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